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Dec 5, 2021

Polygamy and the Church's Conflict with the US Government

Cristina Rosetti and I talk about the build-up to the 1890 Manifesto known as Official Declaration 1 in the Doctrine and Covenants. The Manifesto is a result of decades of conflict with the US Government and was perhaps the major motivation for the Saints' move...

Dec 5, 2021

The Soteriological Problem is one that Christianity has grappled with for 2,000 years. If God is just and loving, but only those who know of Jesus Christ and are baptized by one with authority can be saved, and very few ever get that chance, then . . ? The Restored Gospel answers that question and Baptism for the Dead...

Dec 2, 2021

The Salvation Army recently presented a document to their organization's employees and volunteers on racism, encouraging their organization to read Ibram Kendi and Robin DiAngelo. It implied tenets of Critical Race Theory and Critical Social Justice. A backlash forced them to remove it. But the organization is...

Nov 24, 2021

"Like a Lamb to the Slaughter"

- The power of Joseph Smith

- He knew what was coming

- The transfer of the keys of the priesthood


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Nov 23, 2021

Recap of the Week!

- Comments on the Church Microaggression Email

- Elder Bednar and Choosing to be Offended

- Understanding Demons and the Context of the Sermon on the Mount

- President Oaks, The US Constitution and Ideologies Attacking It


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